Investment Planning with DS Howell; Allow us to help you invest wisely.

We provide individuals and corporate entities with bespoke investment planning strategies.

Whether you need help with your existing investments or would like to start planning for a future event, we can help you to meet your financial ambitions.

Leaving capital that is not required in your current account can have serious repercussions over the longer term. This is because of inflation, which is defined as the general increase in prices and the fall in the purchasing value of money. Many current and savings accounts offered by banks do not provide an interest rate that keeps up with inflation, let alone providing a greater growth potential. You may also find that there are penalties for accessing your money earlier than planned, which can be extremely frustrating.

Over the longer term, it has been proven that a well-diversified investment strategy will outperform cash investments.

This does not mean your money is automatically invested in high-risk investments. By sitting down with one of our financial advisers, we will help to build a personalised, suitable investment plan in line with your attitude to risk.

What we can offer you

As an example, our advisers could help you with the following:

  • Reviewing your existing plans and making sure that the investments remain in line with your objectives
  • Helping you to build a financial planning strategy for a life event, or helping to provide more general long term growth potential on your savings
  • Exploring potential tax-efficient investment plans and savings vehicles
  • Cash flow planning: ¬†helping you plan for a future income need. For example, supplementing income in retirement or paying for school/university fees.
  • Corporate investment solutions: deciding on appropriate accounting method for increased efficiency and analysing suitable investment for surplus cash in your company account.