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At D S Howell we provide our clients with whole of market, independent financial advice. This means that we focus on providing you with the best possible financial planning solutions; whether that is helping you to prepare for retirement or helping you to build a financial plan for a specific event or occasion.

Retirement Planning

It is important to make sure that you have not only saved enough money for retirement but that you can sustain your necessary levels of income throughout...
You may also find that your existing pensions are extremely expensive and are not performing well. DS Howell has the knowledge and expertise for your retirement planning... LEARN MORE

Investment Planning

Leaving capital that is not required in your current account can have serious repercussions over the longer term...
Many current and savings accounts offered by banks do not currently provide an interest rate which keeps up with inflation, let alone provides the growth potential greater than it. DS Howell has the knowledge and expertise for your investments... LEARN MORE

Estate Planning

Building your wealth can take many years, if not most of your life. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure your wealth is protected...
Estate planning can be a complex area of financial planning. It is also important to make sure you have a valid Will in place and DS Howell has the knowledge and expertise you need... LEARN MORE

Protection Planning

There are many different types of life insurance products; ranging from whole of life policies to set term policies that will possibly cover a specific event...
It is estimated that only 50% of UK adults with a mortgage have life cover. Consider how your family would be impacted if something happened to you. DS Howell can support and guide you to maximise your financial protection... LEARN MORE